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    Finally, You Can Live Pain-Free!

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    We make all our body butter from scratch using only what the earth produces. Each product is made fresh and to order. So when you receive our crafted delights they will instantly brighten up your day. We use the finest ingredients to produce our finest quality products.
    1) Sheabutter—to make your skin feel like silk.
    2) Myrrh—known to aid in wound healing.
    3) Frankincense—a supporter of cellular function and blemish reduction.
    4) Almond Oil—moisturizer for both skin and hair.
    5) Coconut Oil—known to reduce inflammation and heal the skin.
    6) Rosemary—helps with blood circulation.
    7) Peppermint—helps with itchy skin.
    8) Vanilla—can help slow down signs of aging, reducing lines and wrinkles.
    9) Fragrances—smell goods connecting the healing properties of all the ingredients.


  • Even My Family Members Are Getting Relief From Pain!

    We are so proud and confident in our products, we don't just present the products in our store—(my family and I use them too).

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    Invigorate (Pain Relief)

    Invigorate (Pain Relief)

    Are you or someone you know in pain?
    Invigorate, (by EmJae Products), body butter can moisturize your skin as it alleviates pain on contact.
    Feel Better with Invigorate today.

    (Holiday orders will include the 4oz jar and a sample to share with your loved one or friend. This has a value of $33.99 for only 24.99 apply coupon code)
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  • 100% Real Reviews

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    "Your Body Butter works better than what her doctor told me to get. You might have something girl"

    Pam E.

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    Okay, so I have to say it works!! I must have been sleeping wrong on Saturday night, because I was awaken by neck hurting. Hubby had just got him some Invigorate, I quietly went to the bathroom, and rubbed some on my neck, it eased the pain immediately, so I got back in bed. Woke up the next morning and realized I had no more pain!!

    Renee' G.

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    "Hey Niecey.. Sis let me try your (Invigorate) over the weekend.. I kept it. It really works, Thank you so much.."

    Slyvia R.

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